I am Starting a Movement too….

I like Nicki Minaj I mean I really Really do. From a fashion perspective she is innovative in a futuristic/right here now sort of way.

***Sidenote anyone who knows me knows I love a romper and in Fact Collect these sexy one-pieces But her stylist got away with a cruel joke last night.

Performance Outfit 10>> Presenter One-sie 0

Her lyrical delivery is Awesome and she does truly LOok GOOD I mean …”UGHH nah Nah Nah nah!” But Got Damn does any one out there recognize the significance of a movement of Grown women calling themselves Barbie’s. Or more importantly the little girls and young ladies in search of self awareness self worth and value that all young women face coming of age.

I think back on the challenges I faced as a young woman coming into my own. The countless feelings that congest your self image as you see body parts being touted as the way to gain notoriety and popularity. The struggle to remain grounded in the priorities that create a quality life based on knowledge, how you use it and those subsequent choices and I just wonder why everyone thinks this is cool.

As a 32 year old woman finally free of others opinions assisting, urging and even pressuring me to move to the beat of all. I am thankful for the strength that has always allowed my own beat to be the strongest tune. But Lawd the temptation was there always, how many times I considered a breast job in my 20’s or even once or twice an ass inflation when many of my closest home-girls were lining up for the shots!

The craziness of this is that we are all pulling for Nicki she represents a female MC never before seen because although her sexy image may just be facade we must face that she is the face of our babies. The tweens and teens that now populate our own households. And I think that as 30 becomes more youthful and 40 more spry we have forgotten that it is now OUR turn to be the Parents, Auntie’s & Uncles.

So many of us don’t want to be bothered with what that means the reinforcement of values that are absolutely necessary to positive self image. I know the reverse because I have lived it. The time between 13-18 when hormonal changes are daily and the pressure to be all you can be is predicated by what you look like, have or not have , can do or can’t do are the norm. The time when you need a sensible parent guardian mentor to ground your raging thoughts and ambitions into a responsible plan of action. Because although success is never guaranteed we can at least agree that true success occurs one step at a time.

I can remember growing up in the 80’s and being the only one of my friends and girl cousin’s to even have a black Barbie because she was not widely available. And I realize that with the ever advancing spending capability of the African-American dollar Mattel would have been foolish to NOT include women of color dolls to the ever-changing face of America but I wonder If at 35 you are calling yourself a Barbie and at ages 5-7 our little girls are Bratz what are we hoping to reap in our children’s generation?

So I am starting a movement too…a movement to remember back when Yourself was more than Good enough! When being like someone else was copying and wack. Introducing the BE YOURSELF MOVEMENT(She is the SH**!!!!)…

Nicki’s marketing is phenomenal and there is no doubt being an intelligent woman she will segue her appearance in the marketplace as a Barbie into a successful career with the ever changing face that is given to an artist with such talent. But what about the young women who look upon this as a way of life, because their Momma’s are walking around with 5star chick tatted on her breast. If Grown Women are Barbie’s WTF are the Babies gonna do. We must do Better!

Just a thought

With Love




  1. jah said,

    September 14, 2010 at 5:02 am

    Lol you are right sis. I truly believe that the children of this generation need a lil bit more discipline. With the way technology and the media is growing its going to be hard for our youth now to stray away from the “in” crowd. Think about it I grew up in the 90’s early new millenium (that’s when I was young) and back then the adults used to say we were spoilled because my generation had cable tv to keep us company (I had a partying momma so when she went out the tv was the babysitter and my eldest brother(by 3 yrs) was in charge) but the shows that were on now and the artist that we watched were you know animated and PG for the most part. There ain’t much to watch or listen to these days…smh.

    • September 15, 2010 at 2:54 pm

      Jah I can always count on you to come thru with something of substance ….Thanks for sharing your thoughts & the love


  2. CLEVER said,

    September 22, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    Great site sis! Very well said!!

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